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Monthly Horoscope / July Horoscopes

You respect the rights of the people you care about at this time. In addition, you feel the urge to encourage others to explore and accept themselves and their own original ideals and rights as individuals. You may become involved with support groups or associations affiliated with humanitarian issues, in which you meet people who inspire your visions and goals. In fact, friends and group activities are the main source of your nurturing at this time. As for the members of your family, you will support their personal freedom, allowing them to develop self-reliance and trust in their own abilities or intuition. If you have children, you can respect their individuality, but you must still provide them with guidelines and provisions.

You may be feeling rather charitable, devoted, and good-natured in a marriage or significant love relationship at this time. You may be tempted to do something special with your loved one now, such as vacationing or breaking away from humdrum routines and patterns in your relationship. A sense of optimism and adventure may make you want to bring more pleasure-oriented experiences and joy into your marriage or love affair. Mental clarity, discrimination, and your ability to separate fact from fiction is diminished now. Miscommunications and an inability to formulate your ideas coherently are likely. Your mind wanders, and this can be a time of creative reverie or daydreaming. Avoid making binding contracts at this time.

You are likely to enjoy activities which promote your creativity and intellectual awareness. This is a favorable time to bring your natural talents to the fore, especially any artistic ability you may possess. Your mental powers are also sharp, so this is a good period to further your knowledge in a particular field or expertise. Your most productive and creative work can reward you with an inner sense of purpose, significance, and dignity at this time.

Pleasant interactions with your romantic or marriage partner helps strengthen bonds of affection at this time. You may be doing a lot of thinking about your relationship and may even feel inclined to discuss issues of commitment, loyalty, and trustworthiness with your mate. The activities you share with your spouse or loved one may center around intellectual interests and pursuits as well. If you are currently unattached, be on the lookout for meeting new romantic prospects through relatives, siblings, neighbors, or business associates.

This is an excellent time for involvement with self-development practices and workshops, psychotherapy, or spiritual, religious, and metaphysical practices. Dream analysis, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, trips to inspiring places, and psychological treatments (whether it be gestalt therapy, primal therapy, etc.) can be greatly illuminating now. Of course, be discriminating and choose the methods that are most appealing to you; some are much better and more appropriate for you than others. Avoid extreme and fanatical methods that try to overpower you. Intensive inner work benefits you now as long as it is done in a wholesome, sensitive, loving manner with the help of experienced, well-balanced people. The reason these activities benefit you so greatly now is not because you have more problems than usual; it is because you are in a period of inner, psychic transition and transformation when you are motivated and ready to make significant changes.

There may be an abundance of love, faith and trust in your marriage or close intimate partnership at this time. If there are any improvements you want to make in your relationship, this would be an opportune time to do so. At this time, you will have more insight into the spiritual or religious attitudes and values in your relationship. There can be a desire to travel or enjoy outdoor activities with your mate. You may spend a great deal of time thinking about the future possibilities of being together and reflecting on all the big dreams and plans for tomorrow. If you have been discussing marriage with your partner, this period can signify the time when a legal commitment is entered into. Or if you are separated from your mate, this can be a favorable time to work on reconciling your differences.

Improvements in your personal and romantic life is likely at this time. A sense of mutual harmony and support makes for more peaceful and secure surroundings. You care deeply and passionately for the people in your care. Children are especially adored now and flourish through your offers of love and guidance. You may feel helpful and contented when you mother and comfort your spouse, loved ones, and children. You enjoy happy times when socializing with your family, which may involve creative activities or just simple pleasures at this time.

This is a favorable period in which to focus on your career ambitions and professional responsibilities. A fortunate opportunity can arise for you to assume a more administrative or leadership position in your organization. Contributing to social causes or working with public agencies will be rewarding and beneficial to your career pursuits and worldly ambitions. If you are unemployed or searching for a new career direction, this is a good time to seek favors from those in positions of authority. Your reputation may be highly regarded and respected by others now, and your interest focused on achieving social and business success.

Love relationships can stir up a lot of emotion and confusion at this time. During this period, you may discover a part of yourself that wants something different from what you are presently receiving from your intimate involvements. Events which occur now tend to highlight or bring up unresolved and somewhat painful issues in your relationships. Reviewing the past may help you clarify any unhealthy patterns you may be unconsciously repeating. Healing, growth, or change will depend much on whether your mate or partner responds to your needs or how highly they regard your feelings and perspectives.

This is a good time to undertake projects which bring out your natural talent and creativity. If there is a new skill or craft you wish to develop, now is the time to plan and strategize ways to realize your ideals. You may have an opportunity to join up with others who have similar creative and artistic leanings, prompting you to gain more confidence and faith in your abilities. Your physical and mental vitality is at a high point, and thus affords you with the will and determination to be your most productive.

At this time you receive favorable responses for your plans and ideas. You are likely to take a new approach when putting forth your personal aims, which increases your chance of gaining greater honor or prestige. Those in authority or someone whom you respect and admire may steer or guide you in the right direction. Entertainment or recreational activities shared with loved ones can be a release from any worries or concerns on your mind. Take a break from the usual routine and try something different now, as you are apt to enjoy it.

Love and marital relationships are accented now. You will gain more satisfaction and self-gratification through a committed and enduring partnership at this time. Directing your energies and enthusiasm into your marriage or a significant love affair can work wonders now, as it will help to improve affectionate relating, loyalty, and emotional attachment to your mate. You may also feel irresistibly drawn to seek out new experiences or pleasurable adventures with your partner. If you find any new activities which are compatible to both of you, this is a good time to share in the enjoyment.
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