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Look in the mirror -- does it appear that you're turning into a sheep? Of course not! You have never been one to follow along with the crowd, so why start today? Feel free to say 'no thanks' when a group suggests something that doesn't sound cool to you. Don't worry about being a party pooper -- after all, what's the point of going to a party that's no fun? You need to value your independent thought. Today is a day to do what makes you happy.

Your snap decision to defend a friend made a big impact on onlookers, and people are starting to see you in a new light. Did you even know that you had so much courage? Your intimidation factor has increased, and there might be some jealousy about how much influence you suddenly have. But don't worry about it -- you earned this extra authority, so enjoy it. You took the risk by standing up for a person you believed in, and you deserve the reward.

A friend you don't always agree with is finally ready to see things your way -- it seems that your words are finally hitting home -- albeit a little too late. Try not to say, 'I told you so' -- instead, be supportive of this change of heart. It will take your relationship to a new level, and this will be rewarding for both of you. This friend has taken a big step by admitting this mistake, so you should be the bigger person -- don't gloat.

There's nothing wrong with acting a little bit more selfishly today, especially if you've been feeling somewhat underappreciated lately. Considering your own needs first is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, if you aren't getting enough tender loving care from other people, you just have to give it to yourself! Splurge on a nice gift for yourself, take yourself out for a nice spa day or just set aside some quiet time to dig into a juicy novel.

If you're working on starting -- or strengthening -- a romance today, bear in mind that a whisper will help you get your message across a lot more effectively than a scream. Amplifying your voice will not help you amplify anyone's affection for you -- in fact, it could have quite the opposite effect (especially today). If you want to get intimate with someone, you have to get more intimate with your tone and demeanor.

Your self-discipline is something you should draw on today when you are faced with a temptation that could send your plans way off track. The social invitation that will be dangled in front of you is highly persuasive -- and you will want to accept! If you think carefully, you will be able to craft a way to fulfill all your obligations and have a little bit of well-deserved fun. There is no reason you couldn't have your cake and eat it, too! Can you suggest a compromise?

Follow the 'KISS' rule today and 'keep it simple, silly'! Avoid over-explaining things or making a huge production of a presentation you are making at work or at school. It will only distract people from the real point you are trying to make -- and make them suspect that you are about style over substance, which could not be farther from the truth! Even standing alone with no visual aids, what you have to say is important enough just to be said -- simply.

You might think you can handle a greater amount of risk right now, but the stars say that that might not be the case -- so don't listen to the sweet talkers who are urging you to take that leap. Taking a risk is not the same as having an adventure, just as being more careful is not the same thing as being boring. Do not confuse the two. If you stay a bit more conservative in everything you do today, you will avoid a major mishap that could set you back financially and emotionally.

Friendship can mean different things to different people, so be very careful that you are not making too many assumptions about what a new friendship is all about. An unexpected comment could surprise you today -- your new friend clearly has different ideas about what constitutes 'a good time.' This might not necessarily be a deal-breaker, but it is something you should get clarity about. What you hear may even open up the door to a whole new kind of fun.

The very best fashion accessory you can have today isn't a pair of shoes, a cutting-edge gadget, or even a brand new sports car -- it's that sunny smile of yours! Even if you don't feel the urge to flash your pearly whites, it is in your best interests today to persevere, keep your chin up and just keep plugging away. Things might not seem possible now, but they are possible if you just keep thinking positively and keep hoping for the best. Optimism is powerful.

This will be a very expansive day. Expect to find yourself even more in sync than usual with someone close to you. Happy, sad, mellow or hyperactive, you both are on the same wavelength, which makes for good times and learning opportunities. Your friends have a greater influence on your life than you might give them credit for, and you need to appreciate this fact. There is nothing wrong with relying on someone else to cheer you up, so don't feel bad about it.

You are starting to feel much more confident about your position in life right now. It is time to build on this confidence to create a stronger air of authority around yourself. The good news is that this will not be very difficult, since all the people around you are eager to see you get the respect and responsibilities you so richly deserve. Ask for the cooperation you need today, and you will get it -- even when it comes to matters of the heart.
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